The Changeling, Citizens Theatre Summer Academy 2016. Photo by Angela Smith.

Really impressive show… It flowed so well and all the children did exceptionally well.

Audience Member – The Changeling

Absolutely brilliant! Louis has had an amazing time – he has loved every minute! Hugely enjoyable, stimulating, interesting and loads of fun, plus great opportunity to make new friends.

Parent of Participant – The Changeling

Absolutely loved the movement.

Audience Member – The Changeling

I feel like it’s not Shakespeare any more, it’s us-speare, like it’s ours.

Participant – Citizens Theatre Summer Academy 2016


Mount Olympus School of Gods, Citizens Theatre Easter Academy 2016. Photo by Suzanne Brady

You know in Inside Out there’s the memories and then there’s core memories? Well, I think I just made a core memory.

Participant, Citizens Theatre Easter Academy 2016

The children were amazing. It was poignant, vibrant, colourful and emotional. I had a blast and, by the looks of it, so did all the kids! Brilliant stuff.

Audience Member – St Gerard’s and Noble Primaries’ Divided City

I am getting more confident because of all the acting and singing we’ve been doing. I really love it.

Cast Member – St Lucy’s and Abronhill Primaries’ Divided City


Divided City, Citizens Theatre, Lawmuir and Sacred Heart Primary Schools 2014. Photo by Angela Smith

Very good involvement of all children. Dynamic how the roles alternated between them. All children worked well together. Good use of music and movement.

Audience Member – The House That Jack Built

A richly textured production.

Audience Member – The House That Jack Built

A brilliant, innovative effort. To involve so many children from concept to fruition and give them equal billing was a challenge well met!!

Audience Member – Spoilsports, Saints Youth Theatre

Wow! It was lovely to come along and watch a very cohesive performance which included everyone. It had a lovely atmosphere amongst the kids and so pleased and grateful that you run it.

Audience Member – Spoilsports, Saints Youth Theatre

It was such a clever plot, all very believable, and then the ending was superb… they were great, and really brought the story to life.

Audience Member – In the Wake of the World, Saints Youth Theatre


Spoilsports in rehearsal, Saints’ Youth, All Saints’ Woodford Wells 2012. Photo by Jen Clokey.

Each scene was so carefully and lovingly thought out and such imaginative use of space…The level of emotion was just right, with enough reflective space around each encounter. My most moving moment was Peter’s awful stillness when the cock crowed.

Audience Member – Peter’s Story, All Saints’ Woodford Wells

A very fine scene of story-telling theatre, with good movement, creative energy, fine detail and commitment from your company of actors.

Contemporary British Theatre Module Showcase Feedback
Anthony Clark, Head of MA/MFA Theatre Directing,
East 15 Acting School

When I look back at the many appointments I made for Roding Valley High School – Jen was one of those golden moments. She made a massive contribution to the lives of our pupils and to the culture of our school. Fantastic energy and warmth.

Geoff Mangan, Former Headteacher, Roding Valley High School

She has an intuitive grasp of what an author has in mind coupled with a rigorous approach to direction. Actors enjoy working with her and she brings the best out of them.

Ian Sparks, All Saints Woodford Wells


And Glory Shone Around, All Saints’ Woodford Wells 2011. Photo by Mark Deudney.

Jen Smith Rocks! She was a real asset in the workshop room, she can adapt to any given situation from working with high spirited teenagers to vulnerable groups of adults with a range of complex needs. She handled sessions with insightful creativity and sensitivity.

Elly Goodman, Community Drama Artist,Citizens Theatre

It was a joy collaborating with Jen during a recent Youth Theatre project. She is a highly imaginative and creative theatre maker. She has the ability to engage young people in innovative creative processes transforming their stories into beautiful pieces of art.

Paul Gorman, Former Head of Education & Participation,Visible Fictions Theatre Company

Our experience of working with Jen as a partner is that she is consistently passionate, enthusiastic, committed, collaborative and forward thinking. She is very good with young people; enthusing and encouraging them at all times. Jen is lovely to work with, and we would welcome any future opportunities to work with her again.

Felicity Hall, Former Arts Officer, Epping Forest Arts,Epping Forest District Council

Jen is one of the best community artists I have ever worked with. Jen has a unique rapport with young people and evidently gains their trust and respect. She has an approachable, relaxed demeanour whilst setting clear and reasonable boundaries.

Helen Morse Palmer, Community Artist,Epping Forest District Council

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