I have a BA in Community Arts and an MA in Theatre Directing along with over ten years of experience as a director and facilitator in a number of contexts.


Throwback Thursday, Scottish Youth Theatre Summer Festival Foundation Course 2014. Photo courtesy of Scottish Youth Theatre.

I can create and deliver drama and theatre-based projects with a range of different community-based groups. My work is founded on a belief that participation in the creation of theatre and the exploration of stories – both our own and other peoples – causes us to open our eyes to new possibilities.

I seek to provide opportunities for people to engage in the creation of theatre and the exploration of stories that they may open their eyes wide to see the world more fully and make new discoveries.

Things I believe

  • That we are all made in the image of a creative God and are therefore inherently creative beings.
  • That stories lie at the heart of what it is to be human and that we all, therefore, have stories to tell.
  • That each and every person’s story is valid.
  • Stories hold the power to affect change on a personal, social and political level.

Things I strive for in the theatre I make

  • That it will touch the heart, not just the intellect of its audience.
  • That it will be accessible and not just for an educated minority.
  • That it will be made using a collaborative and creative process.
  • That it will be of the highest possible standard.


Journeys, All Saints’ Woodford Wells 2012. Photo by Ian MacLeod.

I can create bespoke drama and theatre projects for the needs of your group. From curriculum-based projects and education packs for schools to performance projects and workshops for children, young people and adults.

Drama engages both the head and the heart. Learning through drama relies on the active involvement of our mind, body, feelings and spirit. In the realm of imaginedexperience, we take on roles of other characters and experience different situations, so that our understanding of ourselves, of others and of the world we live in grows. Drama provides an opportunity to address moral dilemmas, to express our feelings, to be creative and to explore new ideas and ways of being.

Sara Clifford and Anna Herrmann

Besides the drama and theatre work that I do, I can also deliver events and projects in creative writing and a range of arts and crafts.

The House That Jack Built

The House That Jack Built, Citizens’ Theatre Summer Academy 2013. Photo by D N Anderson.

You can view my CV using the links below. If you wish to discuss a project for your organisation you can contact me at jenclokey@gmail.com

Jen Clokey CV

Jen Clokey Facilitation CV

Jen Clokey Directing CV



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